Danillo Galinari misses layup-Lakers Win! C’MON MAN!!

Gallo’s afternoon was already marred by his missing 9 of 12 shots over 37 minutes in Saturday’s New Year’s Eve day game But with seconds to go, and a chance to tie their game with the Lakers, Galinari does the unthinkable; which spotlight’s this week’s C’MON MAN!!

LeBron ‘Air Balls’ Free Throw/2 Jumpers-in the same game? C’MON MAN!!

LeBron James Airballs 3 Times (Including FREE THROW) vs Orlando Magic 12/21/2011

The hoop gets the assist? C’MON MAN!!


An NCAA ‘Basket-Brawl’ with 9.4 seconds left in a blowout? C’mon Man!!

VIDEO-Xavier vs Cincinatti-Several players to face certain suspension!

Saturday’s game was called with 9.4 seconds remaining when a benches-clearing brawl erupted. Multiple players from both teams threw punches, many connecting. Xavier, at the time, was in the midst of a 17 point blowout and so we just find it hard to understand the mentality of some of these players. What were they thinking?

Xavier (8-0) is ranked 8th in the polls and they’ve been to the Elite 8 twice since 2004. Why players on a top ten college team could not control itself for another 9 seconds is beyond belief! Now the Hamilton County, Ohio prosecuting attorney is  examining whether to file criminal charges relating to the on-court brawl. We just wrote about an NCAA game and criminal charges in the same Post…  C’mon Man!!

No football game should be allowed to end this way! C’MON MAN!!

This could be the most incredible ending to a college (Division 3) football game ever! Check out the announcer’s (over) reactions at the end of the play…

Click here: End Zone Angle Of The Final Football Play Of Trinity Vs. Millsaps [VIDEO]


While slipping on the floor, Ray McCallum’s awkward bounced ball amazingly goes in for a field goal. He would score 12 points on the night in a game pitting Austin Peay vs The University of Detroit Mercy.

This Is Hockey? C’MON MAN!!”

Yesterdays game that took place in Finland…

You’ll see a typical fight in the beginning but stay with the video because you won’t believe your eyes after the first minute or so right after things began to cool down. A world’s record 439 penalty minutes ended up being assessed when all was said and done.

“C’MON MAN”…It’s the National Anthem!

Lauren Alaina…(no wonder she was a runner up on Idol)…

Rookie Misses Easiest Goal Ever!!  C’MON MAN!!!


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