One comment on “Smallthoughts: Jets Finally Win a Game, Fitz Goes and Pops Off

  1. Fitzpatrick was never known to be the smartest guy in any room, even if it were filled mentally challenged individuals. I no longer see any reason for him to be on a field, playing for the Jets, not when he’s imperiling the head coaching job of Todd Bowles. This is the insanity of the NFL in general, if a player messes up , it is always the head coach who more often than not gets thrown under the bus. However, a case can now be made , where the entire coaching staff of the San Francisco 49ers should be thrown under the bus along with the entire front office and the bus is ran over their collective @ss repeatedly. Everyone should take a damn knee as the bus approaches and actually bow their heads in shame. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!! Chip Kelly couldn’t coach his fat @ss out of a wet paper bag .


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