13 comments on “FANTASY FOOTBALL- 2015-’16: Our Staff’s Five Bust Picks

    • Hey man! Been a while! Hope all is good with you and yours and as always, thanks for checking in!!!
      Football is around the corner! Can’t come quick enough for me either…


  1. This upcoming season could be even worse than last year in terms of the overall play . Even the alleged excitement of the postseason was somewhat pedantic and less than impressive .

    Things are going to get real bad in Philadelphia , because their passing game will suffer (Bradford is a downgrade from Foles and having Tebow as a backup, is like having Caitlyn Jenner as a catwalk model alongside girls from Victoria’s Secret) beyond the fact, Chip Kelly is simply averse to have his teams play a lick of defense.

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  2. Simply watch this season meander with all of the idiocy one would come to expect of the NFL . The NFC East remains the most overrated division in the league and we will also get to see the further regression of the San Francisco 49ers . Mike Tomsula has bitten off more than he can chew as the head coach of the team . Look at last season’s roster in comparison to the one proposed for 2015.

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  3. Does anyone truly believe Sam Bradford can provide the Eagles with the sort of offense needed when Chip Kelly can’t and has no wish for his teams play defense ?

    Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston will struggle for their respective teams as has often been the case with rooke quarterbacks signing with mediocre teams.

    Odell Beckham will likely regress, because I don’t believe Eli Manning has the temperament to turn around the fortunes of the New York Giants .


    • Agree with your first two points Al, but with three quality receivers on the Giants in Beckham Jr., Cruz, and Randle, I think they have as good a receiving corps as any team in the NFL. The only trepidation I have is with the health of Beckham & Cruz; not in Manning’s ability as one of football’s more elite QBs.


      • His career has been an exceptional one, hence a borderline HOF. With all the talent that Peyton Manning has had both in Indianappolis and Denver the now 40 year old has one Super Bowl ring in his jewelry box.
        The Giants have not had a viable running game for several years and that has hurt Eli since his opponents know he has to throw the bowl. He has also had to deal with playing with an inept offensive line for years. Given the level, of talent, or should I say the lack of talent he’s been forced to work with, it’s astonishing how he hasn’t done worse than his stats in dictate.
        If this year’s crew can protect him, he has the receivers to not only pad his career stats, but make New York competitive in the lowly NFL East this season.
        Question: Where would you rank him amongst the QBs that will be on the field this season? 15th 20th?


      • But for the two Superbowl appearances his career has <a href=http://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/comeback.cgi?player=MannEl00 not been overwhelming . Of his current peers and given what I have seen of him over the past two years Manning would sit just outside my top ten. But as I have said he lacks leadership abilities and tends to make repeated excuses for his failings . Not an admirable trait to have at all. You might see it to the contrary .


  4. I do see it to the contrary Al because if your’re just referring to his last two years then clearly you’re not taking into account Eli’s body of work over his career. I’m also unaware of his making “repeated excuses for his failings.” Can you elaborate on that and cite several examples for me?


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