5 comments on “VIDEO of the WEEK: After a stellar triple-double, Russell Westbrook plays, “Diss The Press”….

  1. I don’t care whether Russell has anything to say or not- rude as his behavior is. However…if he shows up in a television studio when his playing days are over, I’m crying foul.


    • I don’t think you’ll have much to worry about K-Man.. I can’t see anyone reaching out to Westy for an interview when his career is over. Unless of course they’re a chicken, in which case you can cry ‘fowl! 😏

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  2. There has been some terrific play from several of the NBA’s high-profile point guards this season . On the other hand that smell emanating from within the league has been the New York Knicks’ stinking up the joint . A sixteen-game consecutive losing streak has a way of making a team look bad while putting a massive dent in Phil Jackson’s ego and legacy . What a frigging waste of space as an NBA franchise !

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  3. By now you’d think the media wouldn’t waste their time with someone like Westbrook… yet on the Flipside …some of the questions that they ask …well I could understand why some players act the way they do … by no stretch of the imagination am I condoning rudeness.

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