10 comments on “NFL 2014: Week #16-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

  1. Jay Cutler is said to be aggrieved by his benching and to be replaced by Jimmy Claussen . Let’s see , Culter’s nine year career has seen him throw 130 interceptions and a mere one hundred and eighty-three touchdowns . Thankfully , the Bears’ fans have been appreciative of his craft and the mediocrity he’s brought to the franchise . GM Phil Emery should be praised for giving him that seven-year $127 million deal where there was $54 million in guaranteed money . Here I was thinking, only the federal government could be so goddamn inept !


    • It’s a travesty Al, that Cutler is the highest paid player in the NFL in 2014!! What the #@*& was Emery thinking? That Cutler was the second coming of Joe Montana or Peyton Manning? 18 league leading interceptions this season and 24 total turnovers. Unbelievable…


  2. Jay Cutler has become this generation’s Jeff George and just as dumb literally, in so many ways . All of the excuses being made because Cutler is diabetic , is simply ridiculous . I’ve met with and counseled veterans with PTSD and they’re far more responsive and cognizant than jay Cutler has ever been seen to be during NFL career.


    • Does anyone think that Cutler received that 7 year deal because of his medical status? Who made excuses for him when he threw those 28 touchdown passes this year? You mean there are only excuses made for him when he threw those 18 picks? What am I missing here?


      • My issue with Jay Cutler , is the very fact he shows a lack of leadership and maturity. His teammates may well rally behind him , but at the end of the day , when they are losing , he doesn’t seem to be prepared to step up to the plate and be held accountable for his poor play and that of his teammates .

        Since going to Chicago , explain to me, what the hell Jared Allen has done as a player ?

        Cutler’s intangibles are , that he remains more of a liability rather than an asset .


      • Not much, to answer your question. Not for someone who used to be regarded as one of the top feared defensive [players in the league. This season his 5 sacks and 34 tackles are pedestrian at best.


  3. Peyton seems to have aged ten years over the course of this season. I thought he might throw for sixty TD’s the way he started off. Now, I’m surprised if he makes it through sixty minutes.

    Anyways, Merry Christmas to you mister.


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