13 comments on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

  1. Likewise to you and the immediate family ! Now it’s off to begin the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday . Yesterday was something of a Kick A#s Thursday , as the Bears , Cowboys and Niners tanked their day to shine . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Tophatal …………


    • Tony Romo and that putrid offensive line of Dallas have been pathetic!
      The Niners haven’t been playing lie a playoff team for several weeks and almost lost to the 3-8 Giants! Alden Smith returns this week but theyre just not the same team as last years.
      And the Bears, well they ARE the Bad News Bears! Cutler is inept and inconsistent and the team has no defense to speak of, something they have long been known for.
      Just another boring Thanksgiving Day’s worth of games. Hey Al, pass the stuffing….


      • Here’s all you need to know at this juncture , the Bears , Cowboys and Niners might well have played themselves out of contention for their respetive divisional titles as well as postseason berth within the NFC . Jay Cutler , Tony Romo and Colin Kaepernick will receive in excess of $100 million in guaranteed money based on their current NFL contracts . Idiots believe , NFL general managers actually possess an ounce of common sense ?

        Top NFL quarterback contracts . By guaranteed money . Links inset .

        Can the Sixers be any worse than they already are in the NBA ? Team owner Josh Harris has no intent to make the franchise competitive at all .

        Tophatal ………..


      • One of the diabolical issues to stem out of this season will be the fact three of the four teams in the NFC South are still in contention for the division and all three have records of sub . 500 or less . What does that tell you about the NFL this season and the play within that division ?

        Tophatal …………


  2. Diluted with a great deal of Epsom Salts and various pieces of medication known to be a cure of diarrhea . What I’ve witnessed this season in the league has been nothing but fecal matter dressed up and called the current brand of NFL football . The NFC South , the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders have been an abomination all season long .

    So the Kansas City Royals now seem intent on reverting to ways of old rather than trying to keep a winning team together ? They have traded Billy Butler to the Oakland A’s where Butler signed a three-year $30 million deal . This past season is likely to be an aberration with the Royals as I don’t believe they retain the momentum seen during this past postseason . Big mistake in trading away Billy Butler .

    Tophatal ……


    • Yeah i didnt understand that Butler deal either. Wasn’t shocked by the A’s dumping Josh Donaldson because that’s typical for Oakland but Lawrie? A pedestrian player at best who continues to find new injuries to fight every season..
      Toronto is stacked! With Donaldson and Russell Martin they have one of the more verteran, talented, potent offenses in baseball!
      The A.L. East will have the Blue Jays and Red Sox in the top two in the East with the Yankees pulling up the rear…Phew!!!


      • Here’s the thing , everyone including myself , were happy to see the Kansas City Royals make the postseason , after almost three decades of ineptitude , but now it appears the front office will revert back to ways of old , trading away their better players rather than paying them . David Glass , owner of the team remains a frigging cheap-skate and this being the same guy who just happened to be the CFO (Chief Financial Officer)of Walmart for a number of years before leaving the company ?

        The A’s and Royals are in somewhat similar markets but look at the recent success of the A’s and the competitiveness of the division they reside in . In reality the Royals should be doing better than Oakland because other than Detroit who is there really in the AL Central ? The Chicago White Sox remain clueless , as too are the Indians and Twins !

        Dwight Howard under investigation for child abuse ? Is he attending the same parenting classes as Adrian Peterson ?

        Florida came close to upsetting FSU yesterday, before running out of steam . If things pan out as they are, the game between the Seminoles and Alabama could be interesting in terms of it being deemed a semi-finals’ playoff contest.

        Tophatal ……………


    • The 76ers have just added new meaning to the word Pathetic. As have my beloved Knicks. But at least i knew that the Knicks were going to play a useless season until the cap space next season allown them to be more competitive.


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