8 comments on “NFL 2014: Our Five Best Bets for Week #11

  1. My five best bets concerning week eleven in the NFL

    1) Don’t watch any of the games

    2) Spend time with friends

    3) Make love to your partner ___ actually , this should be top of the list ! LOL ,LOL , LOL !!!

    4) Have a six pack handy with a deck of cards and some friends to play poker

    5) Ask your partner if they’re ready for a do-over concerning #3

    That’s my list and I’m sticking with it , because far too many of the games this season , have been absolute crap .

    Burning Jay Cutler jerseys in Chicago ? Finally , their fans are coming to their senses which is more than can be said for Bears’ GM Phil Emery , who inked Cutler to a seven-year $127 million deal .

    Tophatal ………….


    • Seeing as how your #2 and #4 are essentially redundant, I would choose #3-4 & 5. As for your #1, there are bad games every week and season in the NFL and in all other sports as well. I’d rather have football games to watch than tennis match from Austrailia or a golf tournament from Pebble Beach…


  2. It’s been a crazy season in the NFL and the results have been largely inconsequential . What has surprised me somewhat has been the level of coaching and how poor it has been .

    I’ll take results of a boxing match or MMA over a PGA Tour result or men’s tennis tennis at present .

    You can never downplay lovemaking at all even when allegedly angry or depressed .

    Best potential contest of week eleven has to be the game between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots . Two great quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Andrew Luck looking to add to their already great legacies as players in this league .

    Tophatal ………..


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