15 comments on “NFL 2014: Week #9- Five Waiver Wire Pickups + 2 Players To Consider Dropping

    • Pathetic. I know you think that Rex should be fired before the season is over but Al, you can’t tell me that 5 yards passing and three interceptions by Geno in the first quarter last Sunday was Rex’s fault, can you? Trust me, I am no Rex Ryan fan but I’m not sure what canning him now will do to save any semblance of the team’s season.

      The team is deficient in every imaginable category and the reason for that is the team lacks talent. Woody and Idzik are culpable there, not Rex. What Rex IS guilty of is being too much of a “player’s coach”- too damn easy on them. The anti-Coughlin if you will. 9-10 penalties a game is the fault of Ryan and his band of undisciplined men. So since Woody can’t and won’t fire himself, the next logical firings should be Idzig and Ryan but you might as well finish out the season, go 2-14 or 3-13, get a high draft pick and move on.

      Honestly, I never thought that Ryan should have returned this season, if you ask me…

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      • The New York Jets are deficient in every issue that matters with regard to being effective in the NFL . Their stats speaks volumes as to how bad this team just happens to be . Hard to believe Jets’ GM John Idzik was the architect of a Superbowl winning team as he held a senior position within Seattle Seahwaks’ front office in 2012 . He actually persuaded Pete Carroll to draft Russell Wilson , when the head coach sought to draft a defensive lineman that season and wasn’t high on the quarterback .
        Rex Ryan should have been relieved of his coaching duties last season , along with the entire coaching staff and the signing of Michael Vick was simply asinine .

        Mentioned your site in my most recent piece as a recommended read for all genuine sports’ fans .


      • There hasn’t been a format that everyone has embraced since rankings were first instituted and frankly, there probably never will be. I clearly do not think this new format was necessary. It just makes the system even more convoluted (if that’s possible).

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  1. I’m trying to understand the idiocy behind the Tampa Bay Rays’ front office and their intent to file tampering charges against the Chicago Cubs after it was revealed Joe Maddon was signing a five year deal with the NL Central franchise. Maddon chose not sign the contract extension offer from the Rays . The move doesn’t necessitate tampering charges unless it was proved the Cubs had been in contact with the Rays’ manager at the time . Rays’ owner Stuart Sternberg is a pompous @ss , given the fact he’s still angered by the departure of Andrew Friedman to the Los Angeles Dodgers and now Madddon leaving the organization .

    Great win for San Francisco Giants in game seven . Madison Bumgarner was simply money throughout the series and worthy World Series’ MVP .


    • Those charges against the Cubs are completely unfounded and without merit. However, I must admit I called it. I was telling my IT guy weeks ago that if Maddon & the Cubs announce a deal too quickly watch the fireworks begin! I said that if he interviewed with another team or two and then signed with the Chicago say in the end of December, then there shouldn’t be any legal ramifications to deal with.
      In light of their intent to file charges, one would think that an organization, and one that’s not very lucrative at that, would have some hard proof regarding possible tampering on the part of the Cubs.

      As for Madison Bumgarner, it was a postseason performace that was one for the ages!


      • Joe Maddon and former GM Andrew Friedman were the only true assets the Rays had . Owner Stewart Sternberg remains a pompous and clueless @ss much like the fan base within the greater Tampa Bay area .


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