5 comments on “NBA 2014: Our six-pack of Sleepers for Draft Day

    • After all the years I’m doing this, I will still never understand how a team can play one way fro three weeks and then completely forget how to do so on the fourth week. The Giants, case in point, have had a seviceable offensive line for three straight games allowing the G-Men to average 30 points a games prior to last night’s fiasco.
      They also ran the ball an average of 132 yads per game but go 132 feet last night. Eli had 7 sacks in the Giants first 5 games, and then unexplicably, had 5 in last night’s night game alone. It was like a “Tale of two teams!”
      And yes, bad break (no pun intended) for KD35. What a talented and classy dude.


  1. The loss of Victor Cruz will prove to be telling for the New York Giants . Now we will get to see this team deteriorate further into the depths of mediocrity , Eli Manning is playing not like a man possessed but someone who has been part of an exorcism ritual . The devil hasn’t possessed him , he is actually laughing at him . His stats this season bears this out . Rex Ryan is doing some wonderful things with the furniture in New York (state of Jersey state) with the Jets . That team is simply an abomination . Geno Smith is nowhere as good as some believed him to be . He is overrated and hasn’t learned a damn thing at all about the NFL game . He is young , dumb and that sums up his game as well ,


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