5 comments on “NFL 2014: Week #6-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

  1. What it proved to me was the Colts’ defense that analyst lauded as being the best in the NFL over the prior three weeks was simply overrated . The game was one perfunctory mistakes made by both teams that you wouldn’t see at the Pop Warner Level .

    Your thoughts on the statements made by former Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo that he and other general managers around the NFL have consistently covered up issues of players being involved in domestic violence ?

    Angelo was the Bears’ GM 2001- 2012 and in all that time he acted as a conduit between the Bears’ players and at times chose not to inform the league hierarchy of those matters until way after the matter had been resolved by other means than the legal process . And Goodell still tries to suggest the NFL knows what it is doing when handling such matters ? I am getting sick and tired of the game along with the lies , conceit , silence and hypocrisy of the players and league hierarchy . I’ve all but stopped watching the game because I no longer have any faith or love of the NFL ! Way too much bull#hit and hypocrisy as well as anal retentive apathy among the fans .


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