3 comments on “Fantasy Football 2014: Week 6 Waiver Wire Pickups-Our Fearsome Foursome

  1. Well as we start with on paper what looks a great Thursday night game for week six I just hope it doesn’t turn into a drab affair like many of the games we’ve seen this season on a Thursday .

    Is there any real hope for the Jets this season given the mediocre play of Geno Smith and the team in general ? All of this asinine notion about he’s still young , just , look at what his predecessor was able to achieve in his first three seasons with the franchise . Rex Ryan is no longer the coach or showing the acumen seen in his first three years with the team .

    Your thoughts on both the Angels and Dogdgers being blown out during the MLB postseason ? Hard to believe this year the two teams combined for over $400 million in salary obligations , having won their divisions with ease . Now all they have to show for it , is having to eat crow .


    • In order…
      ALL this season’s Thursday night games have been one-sided with the winning team coasting to victory by an average of 3+ touchdowns.

      The Jets are through Al, just stick a fork in them. 1-4 then they face the Broncos and Patriots (at N.E.)

      Pathetic is what there is to say about the Dodgers & Angels. And Kershaw? I don’t have the exact totals in front of me but I think he is something like 1-5 with a 6.00+ ERA career in the post season, Can’t win with him if it’s not the regular season. Routing for the Royals Al. 29 years is long enough to wait and besides I love those sleeper teams…


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