10 comments on “Fantasy Football 2014: Week 5’s Waiver Wire Pickups-Our Fearsome Foursome

      • I thought the Pirates would have won their one game playoff. Not surprised about the Dodgers, Giants are looking for their third championship in the last five years so experience is on their side. Baltimore, although they didn’t pull out their game till late, is also no surprise as the Tigers have had an inept bullpen all season as well as one of the leagues worst defenses. In the playoffs, although a small sample, it’s telling nonetheless as the club’s relievers have already given up 11 runs. Here’s an interesting stat, Joba Chamberlain’s postseason ERA so far is 108.00.

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  1. The play in the NFC South is a clear indicator of how bad things are within the NFL , especially among the quarterbacks there . Your thoughts on the merry-go-round concerning the firing of Dennis Allen with GM Reggie McKenzie and team owner Mark Davis seeking out Jon Gruden to gauge his interest in returning to coach the team ? The fans there (Oakland) have pinned their hopes on Derek Carr , who remains a work in progress . Carr is the younger brother of former Niners’ quarterback David Carr . Not exactly an encouraging endorsement at all .


    • Chamberlain’s career was over when all that “Joba Rules” B.S. began and the boisterous pitcher just couldn’t get over himself after that.

      Gotta love these Royals. They’ve been waiting forever for this opportunity and they certainly are making the most of it. They could go far as this year’s upstart team.


  2. Three decades is a long time to wait but finally the Royals and their fans have something enjoy . I believe baseball however would have rather see the postseason end up with the Dodgers and Angels playing in the World Series . That premise seems unlikely given the play of both teams at present .

    If interested dropped these most recent pieces .






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