7 comments on “NFL 2014: Week #2- The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

  1. good luck this week. i see the Dolphins winning by a field goal and the Bears winning the game. Chargers at home (nice pick!) I do not see the Seahawks winning by 6 on the road, Patriots should bounce back this week against the Vikings and lastly The Bucs should win easily over the Rams … Projected 3-2 week for an overall record of 6 and 4 after two weeks


    • I’ll take 6-4 Chris…anyday! That’s 60% correct after two weeks..
      Anyway thanks for checking in and forecasting how the Furnace will do this week. We’ll see how close you were after the weekend!


  2. Jay Cutler has become this era’s Jeff George with Tony Romo not that far behind .

    Dropped this piece concerning Rays Rice and Ray McDonald . How incompetent has Roger Goodell looked over the past ten to fifteen days without the NFL team owners idiotically backing him to the hilt ? People are angered by the Ray Rice issue but look at the actions of McDonald who has admitted to beating his pregnant girlfriend .

    http://tophatal.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/stupid-is-as-stupid-does-and-no-one-does-it-better-than-the-nfl-now-with-the-exception-of-the-federal-government/ .


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