21 comments on “NFL 2014: WEEK #1-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

    • I have to agree with you although the Patriots and the Broncis have improved their defenses and would have to be the 2 best teams in the AFC.
      The reason why Seattle has the edge is their amazing home field advantage!
      Green Bay didn’t have a good defense last year as well and didn’t do much yo improve upon that in the off season. Case in point, last year the Packers were the 4th worst team against the pass in the NFL.


      • Getting an aging DeMarcus Ware to my mind is not really a sign of improvement when it comes to the Broncos’ defense. Their issues were not only from the defensive standpoint , because there was inconsistency on the team in various facets of their game in 2013.

        As a diehard Pats’ fan until I see a real marked improvement in the team’s defense I am not buying into what they are or anyone else is selling concerning the team. I’d be more impressed if I was told Gisele Bundchen would be suiting up for the team this season than being told that the defense is likely to be top-notch .

        Rumor has it , Wes Welker’s drink was actually ” spiked ” with his Mom’s breast milk rather than ” molly” (MDMA [meth-amphetamines]) . His excuse is nowhere near plausible and a damn insult to the fans. There remain so much widespread hypocrisy in the NFL , especially in light of the Ray McDonald issue with the Niners and the player beating up on his pregnant fiance’ . How the hell can the Niners excuse his actions when the player has freely admitted to the act of abuse ?

        tophatal ………..


      • Besides Ware Denver also picked up someone you’ll know, Aqib Talib. Don’t tell me he’s not going to strengthen Devers D.

        As for your Patriots, bet they finish in the top five defenses in the league. Do not underestimate what they’ll accomplish this season. Don’t forget that they play the hapless Jets the woeful Miami Fish, and the totally inept Bills six times!


  1. If the Patriots were playing in the AFC West or AFC South do you believe they would be able to have double-digit wins in each of the last two seasons ? The AFC East has always been a very poor division and it has been that way since 2003 .


    • The Raiders are an embarrassment to the league averaging an NFL low 1.2 plays in the Red Zone per game. They just lost one if their two wide receivers Streater and will just continue to fade into the abyss as the season wears on.


      • The Raiders have been in an abyss for the last decade . After James Cameron finishes the last two pieces that’ll make up the Avatar trilogy the next filmed project he will cover will be the counting demise of the Oakland Raiders to be aptly named ” Death of A Franchise ” . Starring roles to be played by GM Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis . It’s rumored that the cryogenic remains of Al Davis might be used in a brief appearance . If not , then Bruce Willis will step into a role and utter the words ” It’s a good way to die soft ” . (pun on “Die Hard” ) .


  2. Hank , Just seen the action pic , ” The Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington. There were no cameo appearances by either Reggie McKenzie or Mark Davis , seeking the aid of Washington’s character , ex CIA agent Robert McCall , whose quiet life has been reawakened as he comes to aid of the needy and downtrodden . Very much the case of the Raiders at present .

    What happens to Gus Bradley (head coach) of the Jacksonville Jaguars at the end of this season if the team carries on as is ?


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