6 comments on “Fantasy Football 2014: Our Top Five RB Sleepers…

    • Couldn’t agree more. Charles is our number one all around pick in this year’s fantasy drafts. An absolute beast especially last season. In his 7th year now, he’s been healthier than ever…


  1. Can’t wait for the start of the regular season ! Who has more to prove in your mind in terms of Eli and Peyton ? I believe this season could very well be Peyton Manning’s last with the Broncos . In the case of his younger sibling , it will be all or nothing , for Eli Manning and the New York Giants . I truly believe the NFC East to be vastly overrated and one of the worst divisions in the entire NFL .


    • Just like last season, the NFC East will at best be the least competetive division in football. Eli will definitely be playing in a fishbowl this year although after last season’s demise he has only one way to go, and that’s up.


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