7 comments on “Fantasy Football 2014: Top 5 Defense & Special Teams

  1. I fully expect the Seahawks to carry on from where they left off from last season . They still remain a very good team and even better now that Lynch has returned to the fold after his holdout .

    Dropped a couple of new pieces if at all interested ?

    College Football and NFL http://tophatal.wordpress.com/2014/08/03/for-your-consideration/

    MLB http://tophatal.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/its-about-that-time-of-year-again-where-stupidity-is-front-and-center-as-mlb-makes-all-of-the-right-and-wrong-moves/


    • Well that, of course, would depend on how Eli performs during the season. I also want to see what changes the new Offensive Coordinator makes. I certainly don’t blame Coughlin for the Giants demise last season. Hard to get to the playoffs with a horrid offensive line that was there as well as with a QB who tosses 27 interceptions…


  2. Are you judging Eli’s performances as if he were auditioning for American Idol ? His career is now on the downside . Eli Manning is not actually getting better, he is actually tapering off and has reached a plateau. Now it’s going to be a steady downward decline .


  3. Love what’s happening baseball concerning Tony Bosch (Biogenesis founder) and A Rod’s cousin Yuri Sucart . Rodriguez’s web of deceit and lies . Now the charges leveled against both Sucart and Bosch are that they both sold and supplied not only professional athletes with steroids but also some high school coaches as well as high school athletes within the state of Florida and across the nation .


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