11 comments on “The next Knicks head coach? We’re beginning to have our (Phil) of drama!

  1. Look at the complete idiocy of the NBA during this postseason and it has taken a complete shine of the entire NBA Playoffs . Donald Sterling and the Clippers , fans and the press , are aghast as to that owner’s statements? What world are they living in to begin with ? Sterling actions are long held and were widely known by those who sought to find that information , never mind the abhorrent statements by the Orlando Magic’s Rich DeVos .

    Hank , sports’ fans here in here in North America are apathetic and at times , downright dumb !

    If the front office of the Lakers and Knicks cannot fill their vacant coaching vacancies then I for one feel it’s down to their own stupidity . Steve Kerr made the right decision to take the vacant Warriors’ position rather than joining a Knicks’ organization that remains clueless even with the addition of Phil Jackson in their front office .


    • I do agree with you about Kerr’s decision to go to Golden State. Just look at the reasons: 1. more money 2. longer contract. 3. a talented playoff-caliber team already in place. 4. a lack of draft picks & salary cap would have seen Kerr wallow in mediocrity for his 1st year in N.Y. 5. and the most intangible of the lot; James Dolan. Who would want to work with the sword of Damacles hanging over their heads on a daily basis?


  2. Hank , Hard to believe that both the Knicks and Lasker are now without a head coach in the run-up to the NBA Draft . Kerr would have joined the Kniok, s if Phil Jackson had promised him that he would to be able to “cop a feel ” of Jeanie Buss’ breasts , each time the Knicks met the Lakers either at Madison Square Garden or the Staples Center .


    Jeanie Buss (co-owner of the Lakers and a SVP with the franchise )


  3. The Zen Master had a very good week. He got the Knicks some draft choices where none previously existed, he jettisoned Chandler and Felton, he tabbed Early out of Wichita State (I like the pick), and I like Calderon too. I think ‘Melo looks around, but I think he comes back now that Jackson has given him some food for thought with these moves. It might not look pretty next season, but I think it’s worth it for him to stick around a little longer.


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