8 comments on “The Jets should be “flying high” this season!!

    • Not sure I agree with you Al. The addition of a valid back in Johnson and another very capable WR on Decker will take a world of pressure off of Smith. They also have 12 picks in this year’s solid draft, one of the most potent drafts in years.
      This team could very well surprise a lot of naysayers out there…


  1. Essentially the coaching staff has remained the same and do you honestly believe that you’ll see a real progression in Smith’s play after a season in 2013 where the kid simply learned nothing during his final four games ? Think about it . Merely , because of a few signings people are in awe because it’s the Jets ? That’s like giving Sarah Palin a box of Crayola and asking her to draw her own rendition of the Sistine Chapel , knowing that she has no experience when it comes to art and it’s the same with Smith as an NFL quarterback . Look at the frequency of Smith’s int’s ratio per game which was among the highest in the league . Many of those plays were avoidable , but he tried to be the hero. What the hell is Rex Ryan teaching the kid as a head coach ?

    Decker will rue the day , having left the Broncos simply because of money .


  2. I wasn’t as crazy about the Decker signing but you’re right, it is a solid football move. Underline ‘football’ and not splashy, which is what too many teams try doing when it comes to free agent WR’s (Read: Miami Dolphins). Decker will get his for sure, and best part . . no drama. As for CJ, it’s nice to have a guy like this in your backfield. Good stuff, Fantasy Man. As per usual.


  3. You don’t have to agree , but show me , where you see an improvement coming from , in terms of Smith’s play unless you’re of the belief that Vick fits the bill ? You can’t just throw something out there and simply have nothing to back up your premise . Leave that to the dumb @ss politicians .


    • I’m not saying that Geno Smith will turn out to be the second coming of Dan Marino but give the kid a break Al. He won 8 games lady year, more than John Elway and Peyton Manning when they were neophytes.
      If Smith was plying in say Seattle or Tampa Bay just how much scrutiny do you suppose he would be under.
      I never said that the Jets were going to compete for the Super Bowl; what I intimated was that they will be an improved team given their off season acquisitions and 12 draft picks.
      If you don’t think that Decker and CJ and all those picks will better the team then we will have to agree to have a fundamental difference of opinion. And that’s alright…


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