5 comments on “MLB 2014: 5 Key players who will start the season on the DL…

  1. It’s not so much the players on the DL but consider also the money tied up in the contracts concerning those players . Speaking of contracts , is there something wrong with Tigers’ ace Max Scherzer , who turned down the team’s six-year $144 million deal . ? I know Scott Boras just happens to be his agent , but even Boras is not that dumb to think he can dupe GM Dave Dombrowski .

    Your thoughts on the ongoing morass and this idiotic thought that the Sixers are tanking their season in order to get that Lottery Pick in the draft ?

    Let me know what you think ?

    MLB piece





    • Firstly, I don’t know what Scherzer is smoking, but apparently Boras is telling him that someone out there is willing to give him a better deal. Who that team is I have not idea. Atlanta is desperate after losing Medlin and now Minor is on the DL. They are devoid of starting pitchers but we like Alex Wood as a RP turned SP. Will they spend THAT kind of money on Scherzer? Not sure, nothing shocks me in MLB anymore, but I doubt it.

      As for the 76ers, I am one of those that is convinced that, notwithstanding the inept management of the club as a whole, they are on a mission to compete with the Bucks for a shot at that #1 lottery pick. What have they got to lose Al….another game?!?


  2. The money Clayton Kershaw is earning as he chills on the bench could feed a small country for a day. A small country . . like America. Seriously speaking, I hope he’s back soon. Good dude with great stuff.


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