6 comments on “Fantasy Baseball 2014: 6 Potential Busts & Overrated Position Players

  1. I like your list of potential bust especially Uggla who is in the wrong league. He is a DH in waiting for either the Yankees, Texas or some other team in contention in the AL. Castro? maybe a bad lineup has him trying to do too much?? at 24 though he is worth the gamble… too much upside. I really agree with Moreneau…gut feeling he is shot but …the Rocky air has been known to be good to hitters, Cruz is going to hit…contract year he is playing for another contract and he will be doing some untraceable …ped to insure his number, yes I said it yes I went there.


    • Not sure that Cano will be a bust so much as he will just lose some of the homers that the short right porch afforded him at Yankee Stadium. Of course, as the best hitter on the club I am sure that a lot of clubs will pitch around him and take their chances will the other eight batters. If that happens with some semblance of frequency than you could be right in calling him a bust.

      As for Morneau, I just can’t see him having the offensive ability he used to have. His best days are behind him I’m afraid Cayman…


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