14 comments on “Fantasy Baseball 2014-Sleepers & Deeper Sleepers to consider: INFIELDERS

  1. Thanks so much for this list. I’m hoping I don’t get hit with the injury plague this year. I’ll keep these players in mind at draft time. Always appreciate your good advice. Best, Shannon


    • Thanks so much Shannon! Of this group Xander Bogaerts is the one to keep your eye on followed by Matt Adams.
      Look for our SPs and Catchers coming up next. Remember, during the season, should you need any tips or advice feel free to email your questions/concerns to fantasyfurnace@yahoo.com

      Lots of good luck this season and I hope the injury bug stays away from your players…


  2. Stranger things have happened when it concerns the BBWAA and their balloting for the prospective Hall of Fame nominees . Dan Le Batard lies about being paid for his vote by website Deadspin.com . Hence the reason he was thrown out of the association , yet still holds a position with ESPN .


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