8 comments on “The Core-Four will be no more…

  1. Great piece, Fantasy Man. With the way the game is played today- on the field and off- it’s unlikely we’re ever going to see this kind of sustained success by homegrown players again.


    • Shame. And as you (and everyone) knows these four weren’t just normal players. Two of them will be elected into the HOF on the first ballot!! One is a ‘borderline’ HOFamer albeit one who admittedly dabbled in PEDs, & one was a top five catcher in the league throughout his career.


    • There was some talk about adding him years ago, however he didn’t quite fit the mold of the other four because Bernie cam up to the Yankees in 1991, four years before Jeter, for example. Also Bernies last full season was in 2005 the other three played another 8-9 years.


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