15 comments on “370 Points : The Tale Of The Highest Scoring NBA Game Ever

    • “I did not have sex with that woman!” I can still hear those words spewing out of Bill’s mouth. And have you read this week how Hillary blames herself for Bill’s transgressions? Where’s my cigar?????


  1. Both of the Clintons have always craved the limelight and still do , to this day .

    It all happened on her watch as Secretary of State and her dumb @ss was culpable in that mess . Every other Western Consulate or embassy sought to move their staff out of Benghazi or completely out of the country altogether .

    If Hillary Rodham-Clinton seeks the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016 , with all of the baggage she carries , whomever chooses to vote for should remember her remarks to that Senatorial Committee investigating the attacks in Benghazi, Libya . It matters a great deal, when needlessly, four lives were lost and her response was frigging flippant .


      • I am not so sure , but if that specific segue(piece) is used repeatedly , it will remind the public of how conceited and condescending those remarks were and her lack of respect for the victims’ families !

        Her being chosen as Secretary of State was more out of appeasement , rather than her background in that arena of politics . She had no real quailifications for the role and exuded about as much intellect in that field , as Paris Hilton might be deemed a suitable candidate to be a Rhodes’ scholar .


      • Agreed (with regards to her becoming Sec’y of State ) however, as far as the next election is concerned,who else is the Democratic Party going to retread in ’16? If Clinton is the best they can come up with then we’ll see a Republican president in the next election for sure!


  2. That may well be true but the GOP are in just as much trouble , because they too lack someone with leadership qualities and standing . Chris Christie simply can’t a leave a buffet table alone . Rick Santorum remains as clueless as ever . Marco Rubio has a story to tell , the problem is , it is so uninteresting .


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