18 comments on ““MELO-MANIA AT THE MECCA!!”

    • True, but the Knicks had already lost to them twice in the three times they’ve met this season. Aloso the Bobcats are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA, currently sixth.
      I’m sot saying that they shouldn’t have handled Charlotte with ease (especially with Kemba Walker on the bench, but other teams have played the Bobcats this year and no one was able to put up the numbers that Melo did.

      Al, Melo is probably a top 20 scorer all-time but he does not know how or when to distribute the ball to his teammates, cannot play defense and is not a great leader.

      The game last night, although entertaining, clearly was an anomaly and the best this team can hope for is a 7th or 8th seed and finished in the first round (if they make it to the post season).


  1. Look at the points’ differential and the losses (19-26) of the Bobcats overall . That if anything has been a true reflection of this team throughout this season .

    As to ‘melo , who would you want to see him hand pass the ball off to , and who can provide the Knicks with consistent scoring ?

    James Dolan and GM Steve Mills are still trying to figure out what time of the day it just happens to be .

    tophatal ………………


    • That’s my point. Melo not only needs another scorer he needs to be surrounded by a more talented cast of characters. You’re right, most times Melo does not have passing options. He wouldn’t need to if we could ever get a bonafide starting PG


  2. This is what I love most about sports. That no matter what your sports affiliation, you can be all in when a great player has a game for the ages. ‘Melo threw the basketball equivalent of a perfect game for a team that needed something good to happen. Fantastic account of a great night, Fantasy Man.


  3. Hank

    James Dolan is the type of owner the NBA does not need , yet the fans are made to put up with , because of the actual incompetency of the league hierarchy under David Stern . February 14th can’t come around quick enough as far as I am concerned ! That officially is meant to be the day that Sterns steps down from his post . Unfortunately , he will be succeeded by Adam Silver , a carbon-copy of the present commissioner on so many levels .


      • Consider the following , at the end of February , both David Stern and Bud Selig from their respective roles as the commissioners of the NBA and Major League Baseball . Now if only the entire members of the US House and Senate would follow suit , as well as the present Presidential administration in its entirety . Have you witnessed as much incompetence by all of the parties concerned over the past five years ?


        Having Stern be replaced by Adam Silver with the incumbent dictating , as to whom his heir apparent should be , indicates that David Stern’s authority was totalitarian and dictatorial. And we wonder why the seasons in terms of the play have been so mediocre over the past five seasons ? The NBA much like the NFL has become such a bland and diluted product and the same can be said of baseball as well .


      • I hadn’t heard that Stern handpicked his own predecessor and yet I’m not at all surprised. As for the NBA and MLB the last word I would use to describe these two sports is parody! It’s the same 4-5 teams evry season or so it seems..


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