4 comments on “Was Kevin Gilbride really to blame for the Giants demise?

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your article. Gilbride was the fall guy and fell on his sword. Resse will have to improve the O line and get some running backs . Its funny the Ginats didn’t keep Bradshaw and they didn’t make the Giants …Bradshaw signed with the Colts and is in the playoffs. Jacobs for all his supposed toughness as a running back had a short self life and is done. David Wilson was already a marked man before his neck injury…what a mess Jerry Resse has on his hands. Let’s see how he retools the Giants.


    • …and on defense, I didn’t even mention a word about the team’s former #1 pick, JPP? What has happened to him?
      Yes, I don’t relish what Jerry Reese has in front of him. This upcoming off-season he will have to show management, the team, and the fans that his prior success with the Giants was not a fluke.


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