15 comments on “Five reasons why Geno Smith should remain the Jets starting QB

      • The choice to keep Rex Ryan was a good one ? How so , when he lost control of the team and his coaching acumen was nowhere to be seen ? Have you taken a look at the team’s stats and where they ranked within the AFC and NFL as a whole , both on offense and defense . All round that team has simply been diabolical throughout 2013 .

        Jets’ GM John Idzik has to place Ryan on a tight leash for the franchise’s own good , rather than letting that oaf run ramshod all over the damn place , His coaching record over the past two seasons has been abysmal .


      • Got to cut the guy some slack Al. He’s had not a scintilla of talent to work with, including, but not limited to, the Tebow, Sanchez debacle, A rookie QB, no running game to speak of, and a sub-par core of WR’s. If you will recall prior to the start of this past season, ESPN, local papers, and other pundits were hard pressed to predict the Jets winning no more than 4, possibly 5 games. They came this close to beating the Patriots at the start of the season and could have very easily gone 9-7. Look at what some of the other quarterbacks did in their first season with BETTER coaches.

        Ryan still has the locker room. That’s huge. To bring in a new coach while Rex is still popular with his players would be complete chaos and serve only to be counter productive.


  1. The Jets have suffered from inconsistency for years. Its about time they stuck with the horse they rode in on. Give Smith some skill positions, especially a running back to push back the defense. Rex Ryan is great on defense. After all he got them to the playoffs. Bring in an O Coordinator that can focus on Smith and the offense and let Ryan do his thing. Any more changes and they will continue to spiral. Nice article by the way.


    • They certainly need to add some talent at running back and help protect Smith more. Smith has a habit of holding onto the ball too long. It seems like if his first option is not available, he panics and forces throws.
      Like the Giants, their offense has been nothing short of anemic while their defense, although erratic at times, is respectable.

      Thanks for reading and the kind words Billy!


  2. And whose fault was that , before John Idzik stepped in at the beginning of this past season ? Mike Tannebuam and Rex Ryan assessing talent is like placing Stevie Wonder in a darkened room , then having Rosie O’Donnell give him a lap dance and then asking him if he enjoyed the experience and whether or he not he thought the dancer was talented enough . Rex Ryan remains a bombastic @ss who in the last two years has been made to eat ” crow and deservedly so ”


  3. The Jets brought back Rex, and I have to agree with you . . letting Geno have his cuts follows Ryan’s return just fine. Your number five is the first thing I thought of, I mean, who did the kid have around him?


    • Exactly. With such a lack of talent it’s more of a reason to stick with Geno. His first season record is a lot better than many quality QBs when they were rookies. And most importantly, who would the Jets replace him with? Sanchez? Garrard? Simms? Pahleeze.
      The team has money and draft picks. Now they just need their GM to make moves to better their offense while Ryan stays where he is…running the defense.


  4. I agree with everything you said. Too bad the media in New york doesn’t give any players a chance to grow. It is one reason, the Knicks eat their young players and the Yankees hardly ever develop players any more .Nice job on the post


    • Very true Jerry! Yankees are the biggest culprits! And have been for years. The last time that they developed their own players was back in the days of Jorge Posada, Andy Pettite, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera.

      Thanks for the kinds words!


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