6 comments on “VIDEO OF THE WEEK: The Top 10 NBA Dunks From November 2013

  1. It’s not the dunks that concern me with the NBA at present , it is how bad the Eastern Conference and the divisions there just happen to be ! More than half the teams now possess a sub 500 record . And last night’s game between the Nets and Knicks was a damning indictment as to how bad this particular brand has now become . Never mind the Heat’s blowout loss to the Bulls , who were without Derrick Rose .

    If interested ? Let me know what you think ?





    • It is sad Al. In the Eastern Conference alone, only two teams (Pacers & the Heat) posess a .500 or better record.

      I read your article on my way home last night. So much info (as usual). Informative as always! There’s lots to comment on but I’ll send over my take on a few of them when I’ve time.


      • Rumors are swirling that Robinson Cano is likely to sign with the Mariners ? A ten year $240 million deal . I thought his agent , rapper and entrepreneur could’ve got the $300 million asking price of the Yankees . Yet to me the signing of Ellsbury will come back to hurt the Yankees’ organization . How many Sony Playstations will now have to be sold by the Mariners’ parent company in order to take care of Cano’s salary ?


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