8 comments on “Why does Ndamukong Suh always have a “Fine” time on Thanksgiving?

  1. Suh’s play since his entry into the NFL has always been debated as to how clean he happens to be . I believe he skirts danger and simply doesn’t care . I mean , we’ve seen him stamp on a player’s thigh , kick Matt Schaub in the groin and yet the league hierarchy repeatedly treats him with “kid gloves ” .


  2. I enjoyed the day until having been subjected to the Lions “blowing out ” the Packers . Green Bay without both Aaron Rodgers and Jermichael Finley are definitely not a good team . I just hope that Finley in particular is able to resume his NFL career , having to undergo surgery on his lower back for serious spinal contusion . The prognosis is said to be good , but at one point the belief was that it could have led to his being paralyzed . What with Rodgers and his broken collarbone , this has been a bad season for Green Bay not only competitively but also in terms of injuries suffered on their roster .

    I feel the same way , in terms of Derrick Rose (his injury) and his long term NBA career . It now leaves the Bulls’ front office with some tough decisions to make. It means another eighteen months or longer away from the game for the young point guard . I’m not saying he’s unlucky . but either he stepped under a ladder or crossed the path of a black cat .

    I’ve no wish to be out on the roads in terms of Black Friday , having to buy anything that is likely to be reduced in price by up to 70% on New Year’s Day , as retailers clear their inventory .


    • Yes, it’s unfortunate what’s happened to Rodgers and Rose to be sure. Changed the entire landscape of their respective divisions.

      As for shopping…the shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas has been shortened this year as Thanksgiving came so late in the month. Ergo, the retailers will be chomping at the bit looking for customers well past “Black Friday” and well into the New Year. By the way, I’m a size Large Al…


      • Retailers chomping at the bit alright as they continue to dupe the consumer . What with that and the health-care debacle , a number of families will be in for tough time over the next two years at least .


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