15 comments on “NFL 2013: Week #13-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

  1. Well that and the hiring of GM John Idzik away from the Seahawks . Too many people are under the impression that it was Pete Carroll who engineered the team’s dramatic turnaround , when it was in fact Idzik showing his own acumen in terms of the recent draft picks . I mean look at Carroll’s record in the NFL before becoming head coach of Seattle and what would give anyone the indication that he possessed that sort of acumen ? He (Carroll) was prepared to pass on Russell Wilson to take a defensive lineman , to begin with , and John Idzik intervened and made the decision to draft that quarterback .


  2. In the mess of a season the Dolphins have endured, for Philbin to have them at 6-6 with a chance makes me think he deserves to be back (Unless they find a phone vid of him doing something really stupid, that is). Tannehill is hanging in there, Wallace has been doing alright….even if they COULD have gotten Tavon Austin in the draft and saved money in the doing, but whatevers. Hey, to paraphrase the Beastie Boys….no sleep till Pittsburgh!


  3. Hank

    The ‘phins have no real veteran leadership and in many respects that has led to their downfall this season in spite of their 6-6 record .

    Gary Kubiak has to be let go of , in Houston, with the Texans (2-10) . He has lost complete control of the team and I don’t believe he even has the respect of his players any longer . Team owner Bob McNair and GM Rick Smith have to fire him and rid themselves of Matt Schaub , also .

    tophatal …..


    • I agree with you on Kubiak Al, however the Dolphins have been putting up a good fight as witnessed in their game vs the Panthers two weeks ago; a game they SHOULD have and COULD have won.
      This kid Clay at TE looks good as does Hartline who has woken up this season. True they are devoid of seasoned vets but that changes only when players return for several seasons or if they’re picked up via trades.
      Rex Ryan was extrememly influential in grabbing Ed Reed who is way past his prime and shouldn’t be playing at all. He provides leadership ( which has not made a difference as of yet) but won’t put points up on the board which is what the Jets need more than a washed up vet.


      • The ‘phins are playing on fumes and at 6-6 , it is a far off from where the organization expected them to be this season . This team was being seen as a legitimate challenger to the Patriots within the AFC East . Instead it has been repeated pratfalls by Dolphins and some rather ridiculous coaching guffaws being made in several of their games .

        Six years $153 million for Jacoby Ellsbury and his inking himself to a deal with the Yankees ? Somehow there must be something in the water in New York .


      • The Texans and the Giants were not expected to be as bad as they are but at least the Fish are still in contention while being on life-support.

        I would like the Ellsbury deal better if he was healthy but as injury prone as he’s been over the past four years he becomes risky especially over a seven year span.


  4. The Texans are badly coached and their defense has been atrocious . The Giants have been playing with fire over the past four seasons , because repeatedly they have started off slow and then expected to pick it up in the latter half of the season . But for their two recent Superbowl wins , their accomplishments have been sparse .

    Miami will likely miss the playoffs , and will have start afresh next season with doubts about several players on the current roster .

    A Rod , when he heard about Ellsbury’s contract , asked … ” what has he done to deserve that deal ” ? The Yankees’ font office has become a complete joke , much like the team’s payroll at present .


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