9 comments on “NFL 2013: Week #10-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

  1. No truth to the rumor after last night’s disgrace , Native American Indians will abandon all protests concerning the Washington Redskins and the continued use of the “word” Redskins being used in the franchise’s name. A spokesman for the group , has stated that the team has caused them enough embarrassment and after the defeat on Thursday , they have had enough . Can’t say that I blame them !


  2. See the deteriorating health of both Bernie Kosar and Jim McMahon as to how dire a situation this has now become . Even with the monies set aside in that laughable legal settlement , which to my mind the plaintiffs (over 4200) were hoodwinked into taking by their lawyers at the behest of the defendants (NFL & union) . $ 1 billion was simply a joke , considering the NFL is an annual $ 7.2 billion business .

    The NFL and the NFLPA (Players’ Union) may well believe that they can rest easy , but their continued mistreatment of these retired veterans is no different than that of the federal government’s mistreatment of military veterans in this country with the VA (Veterans Administration) acting as a proxy and conduit for the continued incompetence being shown . I say that from a personal standpoint having worked with US military veterans in assisting , counseling and advising them on seeking recourse to obtain benefits being wrongfully denied them . Having served in the British military (ten years [Royal Marines]) I feel that the camaraderie, no what part of the service where one serves with distinction , we’re all brothers in arms .


    • I am a veteran of six years of military duty and although I don’t have the extensive background as you, I have seen enough to keep me up at night. There really is distinct corellation between the CTE epidemic in the NFL and what the VA has failed to do for our veterans. Both cases, simply put, are a travesty..

      Regarding the NFL, if the NFLPA was okay with the settlement, how then do things change for the ex-players? Would a new commissioner help at all? Or are the lawyers all to blame?


  3. What’s even more disgusting was the interview with Fox’s Jay Glazer and how tepid it just happened to be , with the player trying to make himself a victim and Glazer not having the temerity to ask the real tough questions . Is it me but are the sports’ fans here in the US as apathetic about the behavior of athletes as they are when it also concerns politics ? Richie Incognito verbally disparages a teammate and specifically that player’s mother by suggesting what he’d like to do to her sexually and everyone is trying to make light of that fact and using this ” bs ” about freedom of expression . . What about common courtesy and decency in the midst of this all ?


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