4 comments on “Fantasy Football 2013- Waiver Wire Pickups for Week #10

  1. I’m not gonna lie. I would never play fantasy football. Not because I’m so thoroughly invested in my team that I couldn’t bring myself to root for another, no. It’s because fantasy football would only serve to magnify the chasm between my team and professional football. But I dig that Keenum out of Houston. He’s fun to watch.


    • Thankfully, FF offers a silver lining if your professional team is losing (like my Falcons) and you have a player from the opposing team on your Fantasy team at least racking up some points. Some weeks when UGA and the Falcons have both blown it, at least I have my Fantasy team. (But, man, the weeks when I lose all three, *and* my husband’s Cowboys lose? Yeah… not a good time to be a fly on the wall around here.)

      BUT… I did pick up Case to fill in for Rodgers… Nice little hometown boy, so we’ve been happy to see him do so well.

      Just hearing the news about Tony Dorsett and CTE today. Sad stuff.

      Hope both you guys are well, thanks FF for the tips, Christy


      • Hey Christy,
        What you described is the downside of Fantasy Football. When someone on your fantasy roster is playing against the team you root for, it can get a little frustrating. When you’ve been at fantasy sports for as long as we have you just get used to it.
        As for Keenum, nice pickup! Have you seen this kid play? He’s sooo exciting to watch. He should be around for a while assuming that Schaub doesn’t get to start again.
        Good luck this weekend and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment…


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