6 comments on “The Jets’ Jekyll & Hyde season continues…

    • Although not a Jets fan I find myself pulling for Geno. I think he’s got a bright future especially if management gets him so decent receivers.
      (nice video clip-one of my favorite movies of all time!)


      • If he can cut down on the INT’s then there is no reason to believe why Geno Smith cannot have a successful career in the NFL.

        Your thoughts on the story now brewing in Miami , with Johnathan Martin of the Dolphins and the indefinite suspension of Richie Incognito ? Disturbing to say the very least , if the allegations are to be believed . Since when was the use of racial epithets and sexual disparages now being tolerated in the NFL as any form of a rookie hazing ritual ? And Roger Goodell now seems to be more interested in increased revenues , rather than dealing with what is something that is widespread within the NFL , but rarely reported on by the media at large .

        One more thing , concerning the commissioner , he was all of in and out of season testing for HGH and anabolic steroids . Something that was voted on and ratified by the union (Players’ Union) back in 2010 . Yet this initiative has yet to be put into place , in spite of Roger Goodell’s appearance in front of a congressional committee in 2011 , where he stated categorically that testing would be in place for the 2011 .. NFL season .

        Goodell is a damn hypocrite along with the entire NFL hierarchy , Yet fans show more concern for the league product and brand that has become diluted ,. and moribund , that is filled with a great deal of mediocre coaching at present .


  1. All these allegations are probably very real. This ingrate, Incognito, has a laundry list of violations, charges, fines, and suspensions dating back to the Fall of 2002. In fact the only years in which he wasn’t accused of anything was 2007-’08; that’s 2 years out of 13! The guy is as guilty as sin!
    Did you know that in Sept. of 2004 Nebraska suspended him and two weeks later he enrolled at Oregon where he was promptly kicked off the team by Coach Mike Bellotti?

    There is no place for Incognito in sports or moreover in society. He is a lose cannon that will end up behind bars one day to be sure.

    As for Goodell, the sooner he leaves his post as Commissioner of the NFL the better. Period. The man just continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth…


    • I am sorry but idiots such as Richie Incognito and Riley Cooper should not be tolerated in terms of their off the field antics , The NFL has enough problems to deal without these two morons adding to its now sudden image issues. Roger Goodell should spend less time trying to promote the NFL in Europe , specifically the UK , where it still remains something of a novelty , There is no way in hell the NFL can compete against the major leagues of European soccer across the continent . Has Roger Goodell learned nothing from his predecessor Paul Tagliabue and the reason why NFL Europe was shuttered after the league itself and its partners lost tens of millions of dollars with that lame experimental introduction to introduce the sport to Europe ?

      Now , it would appear that the NFL would like to stage two games in Europe , preferably played at Wembley Stadium in London . League spokesman states that Goodell would like to see venues expanded to Barcelona , Madrid , Paris , Rome and even Munich . Too soon for an NFL regular game to be played in either Baghdad , Iraq or quite possibly Kabul , Afghanistan ?

      Goodell is a succubus who has continued to suck the lifeblood out of the NFL , without , ever once having shown any creative ingenuity or damn leadership for that matter .

      The only people paying Roger Goodell any homage are the morons at ESPN , who more often than not are known for their brown nosing and continued @#s kissing of the league hierarchy .

      tophatal ……………….


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