2 comments on “Fantasy Football 2013: Waiver Wire Pickups for Week #7

  1. So wait a minute, Peyton Hillis IS with the Giants? Not a Giants fan, but it would be kinda cool to see a rebirth in NY.
    By the same token, no Eagles fan either, but I would love to see Nick Foles take the QB job full time. As much as Vick has been the model citizen and teammate, I’m never gonna be able to root for the guy.


    • Hillis has another opportunity (with his 4th team at age 27) to prove that he’s still a talented back. He’ll share the rushing chores with 31 yr. old Brandon Jacobs. Woule LOVE for him to have a rebirth right now, this year!
      As for Michael Vick, he’s just too inconsistent for me. Foles is the total package and it will be interesting to see who Chip Kelley decides to go with once Vick returns in 2 weeks…


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