5 comments on “Stick a fork in the 2013 Giants…Their season is done!

  1. It is now being rumored that Archie Manning will disown Eli Manning and disavow all knowledge of him being his son.

    Your thoughts on Condoleeza Rice being part of panel , that will now adjudge the programs and seedings for the BCS playoff system to be put in use for next season ? Another reason why College Football remains a complete joke , if they believe adding a politician adds legitimacy to a system that is already replete with fraud and corruption .


      • This is why I can’t take the sports’ landscape seriously , because it is so asinine on so many planes . How the hell can either the BCS much less the NCAA ever be taken seriously at this juncture and that is even light of the current idiocy of the polls , algorithms being used to adjudge who plays for a national title in football at the collegiate level (FBS /D1) . The subdivisions at the D2 and D3 , all have a playoff format in place . Avarice and corruption prevails because the BCS and conference commissioners are simply blinded by greed with the broadcast outlets holding sway over it all . Fans on the other hand are simply not intelligent enough to figure it out for themselves and with their apathy , they buy into the bull##it .

        Condoleezza Rice had about as much credibility as Secretary of State , as her Commander-in-Chief George W Bush is said to have as a businessman and former owner of the Texas Rangers . Bush sold the team to Tom Hicks who would not only then give A Rod that $250 million deal , but Hicks also took the team and filed for Chapter 11 , because he mismanaged the Rangers’ finances . All of this, while Bud Selig looked on gleefully . There is no leadership at any level within baseball , amongst the owners , the league’s executives and within the union (MLBPA) , as they each have their own agendas and self-interests at heart ……………. money .

        As to George Bush , I’ll let you be the one, to judge his credentials as President . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


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