5 comments on “NFL 2013: Week #4-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets…

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    Tough week to call last week, but this week I like the Pats over the Falcons, just because I’m in the ATL and want to Hate. Also its hard to pick for or against the Giants especially with O-Line issues, but these are the games the Giants win when thay are not supposed too. What a wonder having a head coach will do right Saints.


  2. So you think the giants are going 0-4?? I’m thinking they turn it around after they held a players only meeting this week and come back strong and get a win this week.


    • My heart tells me you’re right Chris. My head tells me otherwise. They lose this game if K.C. falls back on their heels feeling that this is a “trap” game but with Andy Reid on the sidelines, I can’t see that happening…


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