9 comments on “2013 N.Y. Giants: Let the panic begin…

  1. Panic, yes, but let’s not start a stampede. A team that goes to the Super Bowl every four years, that’s as up and down as the Giants, in their sub-par division? The trend line says, yes, this could be a terrible season, but we’re at least a game from needing Xanax (possibly two).


    • Being a realist, there’s two things I know:

      1. The team has given up on itself as their 14 turnovers in 3 games and the most points given up per game (38.3) in the NFL will indicate.

      2. I can’t see them beating the Chiefs or Bears on the road at this stage of the season.

      Big Coughlin fan. I just hope he hasn’t lost the team…

      Thanks for checking in…


      • Being a fan of an NFL team is about the here and now, but I learned a long time ago that belly aching over a losing streak can cause ulcers and sleepless nights. Having been a Giants fan for more than 30 years, I know that there’s a 3 in 4 chance that they will disappoint, for a significant part of a season, if not an entire one. I don’t just think about the upcoming game, but about the larger theme of where the team’s headed.

        3-8 over the last 11 games going back to last season, given the injuries and changes to personnel — not to mention Eli’s terrible play — seems to indicate that the team needs to think ahead about stockpiling for the future. That said, this team has shown too many times over the years that the season is a roller coaster ride, and sometimes that means throwing up.


      • Nicely put! However, every team goes through changes in personnel and injuries. This team just looks like it’s given up on itself.

        When a team has an elite quarterback, and two of the league’s best wide receivers they should be able to put 7 points on the board is all I’m saying.

        We’ll see what they have left Donald..


    • I said the same thing Jerry…right before the Panthers game yesterday. And all that they did was give Coughlin his worst defeat in the 10 years he’s been here. No I’m not jumping off the GW Bridge yet, I’m just approaching the ramp however..


    • You could be right. They just know the Eagles a whole lot better than the the Chiefs and the Bears and the defense s of K.C. & Chicago can’t hold a torch to that of Philly. Either way it just doesn’t look good in the immediate future.
      Rememnber too, that the Giants now have the worst rushing numbers in the league and when you can’t run the ball, or keep your QB upright, and turn the ball over 14 times in 3 games, you can’t win games.\

      Thanks for checking in!


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