16 comments on “NFL 2013: Week #3-The Furnaces Five Best Bets

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    Another week of awesome picks, I think i’m taking the Cards over the Saints though (feel like NFC WEST id BEST), and I feel its time to see old Jay Cutler creep up now especially with the Steelers backs agains the wall. I like the Giants, but when is Cam going to do something amazing for the Panthers? If any week it should be this week.


      • What do you think of this fantasy lineup for week 3?

        Julius Thomas
        Eddie Royal(or Edelman or J.Gordon)
        Chiefs D

        Jaquizz Rodgers
        Tom Brady
        Josh Gordon
        Julian Edelman
        David Wilson
        DeAngelo Williams


      • Well, in the Bucs 1st 2 games Revis had no INTs while the Jets had 256 receiving yards and 1 TD. In the Saints game in week 2, N.O. had 322 receiving yards and 1 TD. Revis, had 0 interceptions and 5 tackles combined in the 2 games.
        I will say this, if you are tentative about starting Edelman, I would insert Royal as our next choice. He had 2 TDs in wk. 1 and 3 in wk. 2. Time to see if he’s for real or if he’ll be covered like a winter blanket in the secondary.
        Good luck!! Can’t see you losing this week no matter which one you choose..


  2. Am I the only one siding with the Browns trade of Richardson? They weren’t going anywhere as it was, so why keep a kid who was only gonna get more beat up in a losing campaign? It’s a passing league, so the Browns collect chips to find their passer in the draft. I think it’s simple as that. Of course, it becomes less simple once the Browns PICK their QB. That hasn’t worked out so well.


    • I thought the deal made sense as well. I mean there will be a plethora of fine quarterbacks in which to choose from next years draft so it would be hard not to pick up a quality one. And besides, what did Richardson run for, 100 yards in 2 games? No TDs? Cut the cord, I say. Start fresh next year, a year in which so far, the Browns have 10 picks in the draft!


  3. Found you via the oh so charming Cayman Thorn… Have two leagues going on right now–one with Richardson on it–so I’ll be following along.
    You feeling Atlanta DST against Miami, or Dallas DST against St.Louis? I’m thinking Dallas has the edge, but not by much?


    • Welcome Christy! Any friend of Caymans….He’s probably the best non-sports blogger out there!

      Anyway, yes I agree with Dallas being the go-to DST this week instead of Atlanta. Neither one has a top ten defense but the edge goes to the Cowboys this week.

      You can always feel free to voice any questions/concerns to me directly at fantasyfurnace@yahoo.com

      Thanks for checking in…


      • I appreciate the warm welcome! Thanks for the email too–I’m in two standard leagues, so I’m sure I’ll probably hit you up sometime.
        Have a great night, Christy


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