7 comments on “Fantasy Football 2013: Waiver Wire Pickups for Week #3

  1. Very informative blog! I like the Chiefs/Coolidge comparison! Any thoughts on the Andy Reid’s return to Philly? I think he can beat them…the Eagles have a better offense, but the defense allows too many points.



    • Sure the Chiefs can take the Eagles. Reid’s got his team buying into his system, based on defense, which has kept him in the NFL this long. K.C. has 9 sacks in 2 games. They just need to chase, rush, hurry, and throw off Vick enough to disrupt his game..

      Thanks for the kind words and for checking in.


      • And thanks for the quick reply! Geez…I’d have to look back to see when KC last went 3-0 to start a season!

        Enjoy your day,


    • Agreed! We picked Martellus Bennett as one of our Sleepers before the season started and he is panning out really well. Clay could be a key part of their offense because he has the talent. A good TE can be a QB’s best friend; especially a “young” QB.
      Thanks so much for the follow & for checking in!


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