3 comments on “NFL 2013: Week #2-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

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    These 5 picks are interesting, i’m a 49er fan so that is one bias. And I chose the Steelers to make the Super Bowl so that is bias number 2. Don’t know about Eli over Peyton, but your logic is right on. – Big J


  2. Steelers making it to the Super Bowl is a bit ambitious Big J but that’s why there are fans… As for Eli vs Peyton, this should be a shootout and although the Giants secondary is banged up I am suggesting that unless the Giants get to Peyton with rushes and hurries it will be difficult to pull off the victory. Peyton is not a mobile QB so that will help but Wes Welker is his safety net as he always runs East to West & finds ways of being open. (Just ask the Patriots if they miss him…)
    I want to say that the last team with the ball wins this one and it’s entirely possible for it to come down to a field goal.
    Good luck & thanks for the RB!!


  3. With all due respect to the Mannings, I’m most looking forward to the San Fran/Seattle tilt. And I’m not buying into Chip Kelly’s revolutionary offense just yet, although they should be able to take out the Chargers. And that Bengals/Steelers game means that the AFC North will finally win a game…right?


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