8 comments on “Fantasy Football 2013: On the Hot Seat! Five players that need to perform this season…

  1. I agree with the entire list. I would add Sanchez, Maclin, and Bradford also to the list. Ponder completely, although I don’t think he’s a good fit for their offense. Jackson cant get a really good QB, he’d be better with Brady or Rodgers.


    • Bradford for sure. Sanchez? There isn’t a football fan alive that doesn’t know that Sanchez’ time on the Jets is limited. Hence, Geno Smith’s signing.
      Maclin is already done for the year having just had season ending surgery.
      We just picked the five most glaring players and those, unlike Sanchez, that can still be fantasy relevant.


  2. Tate then is good insurance for Jordy Nelson (surgery-out until season opener) and Cobb (biceps). I would have still kept Gore as Charles is injury prone & won’t leave you much if he goes down.


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