20 comments on “Fantasy Football 2013: Five Breakout Players To Consider

  1. I agree with Stephen Jackson having a break out year. By having an explosive passing offense in Atlanta it should open up the run game for him to have a big bounce back season.


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  3. I agree with the entire list! Solid post! I like Sanu and Wilson the best, but Brown and Wildon are listed as co-starters, backing up my projection that they’ll be used like Jacobs and Bradshaw. While I do think Austin and Bailey’s numbers are overrated, Bradford has a array of weapons, he has NO excuse this year. Let’s see if he can capitalize. Bullocks is a kicker, so he’s a give or take, he’ll depend on what Houston’s offense does.


  4. I can logically see that Steven Jackson is a great fit in Atlanta.
    Sure the conventional theory is that Jackson will get more touchdowns and more receptions, but history has a habit of destroying 30 year old backs who change teams. Jackson will not be who the Falcons had hoped and will struggle to carry the ball more than 200 times with effectiveness and that, despite all his flaws, Jacquizz Rodgers will score better than most are predicting. Jackson’s 2,397 regular season carries is a lot of work and add in a new offense with a team that needs to win now and Jackson is going to disappoint a lot of owners who see the past and not the future.

    In the end I have to battle logic up against history. History wins more often than not.


    • Good points all. However we will give the Falcons’ head office more credit. They were willing to let Michael Turner go and replace him with Steven Jackson. After spending his entire career on losing teams, Jackson will basque in the glory of playing for a winner at long last and as you so aptly point out, should his body hold out will turn in a banner year for Atlanta. Jackson surely realizes, as do you, that the window is closing for many more winning opportunities and he will (should) be psyched!
      We’ll see.
      Thanks so much for your take and for checking in here.


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