One comment on “Fantasy Football 2013: 10 Rookies worth the Risk- Part 2

  1. Great list! I was so excited when this came out after I read the first 5. Surprised to my own Knile Davis here, and I’m not surprised to see Lacy, all though I had NO idea he had 30 rushing scores last year, that’s stuff you do on Madden. Hopkins I don’t think will be the receiver Houston is looking for(sorry Texans fans), the Texans run too much and, without sounding too much like the media, Schuab is erratic and flighty, and you never know on gameday which Schuab you’re going to get. I’m divided on Patterson. He has upside……with Ponder throwing him passes, and they have AP. He’ll be glad to get 1 catch. Good post and check out my latest blog.


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