4 comments on “Fantasy Football 2013: Avoid Drafting these 10 Potential Busts-Part 1

  1. I admit I fall for the Kenny Britt one every year. He will be sitting there around 8th or 9th round and I always get him in hope that he explodes. The year when he tore his ACL or whatever he was a beast for those games before and I felt he was finally going to pay off and then crack he is gone. Yet again every year I grab him and every year I either drop him or add him in a trade. Good list can’t wait til the next 5. If I had to guess it will be Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Adrian Peterson top of your bust list right? Right?


  2. Another thing working against Roethlisberger is that head coach Mike Tomlin wants the team to be more of a power running team, and I think Roethlisberger wants a more wide open passing attack like they had when Bruce Arians was there. Plus he and offensive coordinator Todd Haley still aren’t really on the same page, so there could be some dissention going on there.


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