18 comments on “Fantasy Football 2013: 10 Sleepers to consider…

  1. I don’t do fantasy, but I have to say this was a very well crafted article and well researched. It has good insight and for a stat guy like me, this was very fascinating. I was also impressed on background information.


  2. Can’t believe it’s already time to start strategizing for the NFL fantasy leagues! Going to be good to see football again though. Thanks for the great tips. Best, Shannon


  3. Hank, the Rams may have another sleeper in RB Daryl Richardson, who along with Isaiah Pead will step in for Steven Jackson as the featured backs. Richardson flashed some glimpses last season as a rookie, and with Jackson gone to Atlanta, Richardson should have an opportunity to put up some good numbers.


    • Not totally sold on Richardson yet. Yes, the opportunity is there but at 196 lbs. he’s a bit undersized for me.He didn’t carry the ball more than 15 times in a game last season so the jury is still out regarding his durability.
      I think there will be a timeshare situation in St. Louis this season which might not make Richardson or Pead fantasy worthy.


  4. In a best case scenario, Tannehill makes significant progress thanks to the weapons he’s been given and Miller becomes the featured back. Maybe then, Miami fans can start talking playoffs for the team without LeBron James.


    • I agree with you conclusion on Lamar Miller, however, I disagree with the weapons. Dustin Keller is an average tight end at best, Brandon Gibson is fringe talent, and Mike Wallace is not that great of a reciever, and he went from Ben to Tannehill. Wallace will be a complete bust and I pray no one takes him high because he’s going to fluke terribly, why do you think Pittsburgh let him go? If they didn’t want him, why should Miami?


      • Okay, dude . . play me like the Sheryl Crow song says. Lie to me, just a little bit anyways. You’re probably right on all counts, but I’m believing their promises again this season. I always fall for them and they always let me down. It’s tradition.


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