13 comments on “Who was more of a quitter: Doc Rivers (2013) or Jeff Van Gundy (in 2002)?

    • At least he admits it. Never was a Stan fan but I liked Jeff prior to his self-imposed walk out in ’02. The Knicks were competitive for his entire reign in N.Y. even without a robin for Batman Patrick…


  1. Doc didn’t give up on the Celts. He was simply looking for more vitamin D. Not to mention, working in the same town as Mark Wahlberg wasn’t the best way to stay above ground. It’s a “Departed” thing, I understand.


    • Yeah, you’re proably right. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that…The Celtics aren’t done breaking up their team I suspect. There will be more players “departing” before all is said and done.


  2. I think the situation in Boston was volatile between Doc Rivers and Rajon Rondo. I think if they were on the same page, Rivers more than likely stays in Boston. I wouldn’t say he quit, he just got a better offer from the Clippers.


    • And I mentioned, anyone of us out there would have done the same as Doc.

      Van Gundy, in my opinion, was the bigger quitter by far. He just gave up and didn’t want to wait until the end of the season to leave. Very unprofessional.


  3. The Clippers taking the town away from the Lakers reminds me of the mid ’80s when the Mets began stealing New York’s heart and the Yanks were relegated to Mattingly and a revolving door of skippers.


  4. I didn’t think of Doc Rivers as quitting on the Celtics as much as the Celtics nugded him to take the LA Clipper job. They basically told him they wanted to start over and he got the hint. They tried to tried him, so it wasn’t like what JVG did and got pissed off at Dolan and quit.


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