2 comments on “MLB: Three ‘Sleepers and Keepers’ have been emerging this season…

  1. As a Yankees fan, it’s in my DNA to abhor the Dodgers. But man if I don’t root for Mattingly to stay on and Kemp to get healthy and hot. And what’s worse? I’m all ready to pen a new screenplay entitled “Life of Puig”.


    • I love this guy Cayman! Been touting him on twitter and added him to this piece. He’s a keeper for the ages who reminds me a bit of Roberto Clemente. Has an arm in the OF and even though he’s 6′ 3″ 215 lbs, he can run & hit.
      I too am always rooting doe Donnie Baseball…how can a true Yankees fan not?!?
      As for your new screenplay..perhaps you can change Puig to Riley? (or have I just dated myself…)


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