6 comments on “Knick fans: Don’t despair..at least not yet..

  1. You are sugar coating this all . The Knicks are not a team nor they do not play as a team and simply lack expediency to play defense adequately , as and when needed . The front office had greater expectations than even you are letting on, and the same goes for the fans . Kidd averaged a nondescript figure in the postseason , as everyone was simply watching melo carry the team on his back . Nothing else left to say . .


    • Al, let me put this in terms that you will hopefully comprehend.. When the rest of your team can’t hit the broad side of a barn, someone has to take over. Melo didn’t need to in the 1st round because everyone was contributing. However in the Pacers series when you have J.R. Smith shooting 26-for 91 (28.6%), J. Kidd going 0-17, and even Felton 0-8 in game six, wh else would you like to see taking shots?

      And again, if you watched every game of the two rounds of playoff games, you would have noticed that defense was not the Knicks’ major problem. The Celtics couldn’t even score 80 points a game! NO, what killed the Knicks chances in the 2nd round was the disappearance of J.R., Woodson’s inability to recognize that he stuck with Smith way too long( Copeland, game 6, 13 points, 3 threes, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, in 19 minutes), and Melo’s lasck of scoring in crunch time (in three road games vs the Pacers Melo shot a combined 2-14 for 6 points in the 4th quarter).

      No one except you and the Knicks front office had illusions of grandeur. No one else expected the Knicks to win the Finals championship.

      They goy knocked out in the 1st round of the playoffs last year and made it to game 6 of the 2nd round this season with the oldest team in the NBA. They actually improved with an older team! A taller, younger, and quicker team beat them. Nothing wrong or unusual about that..


      • And all of this premise was built around what the Knicks thought that they could and would achieve . Te ideas of grandeur just wasn`t with the Knicks front office , or did you not take time to notice even see the print and tv media in that particular market place ? An old team that simply wasn`t good enough which in many ways the Knicks organization had not learned anything from the Lakers` experience and the team that lost to the Pistons in the Finals .

        And when you say that their fans ad no expectation of the Knicks , you ad patrons on your site extolling the franchise and their own expectations .

        Kidd went scoreless for 230 minutes in the playoffs . Another real issue for a team built will ill fitting parts .


    • Me too but he probably will come with a price tag a bit too high for the Knicks. That’s the one intangible we lack…someone to take a charge. Kurt Thomas was great at doing that if you will remember and some of the Knicks of the 90’s were ‘specialists’ at it.
      Becoming a lost art here in N.Y.


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