6 comments on “(VIDEO): Manny Ramirez slides 15 feet short of 2nd base trying to break up a double-play! C’mon Man!! Plus the best of Manny bloopers!!

    • $206,867,729 million to be exact. That was his career earnings in the major leagues. Just a mere $147,000,000 million less than the career earnings of Alex Rodriguez..


  1. Manny being Manny , that`s all !

    Can we now fade to black on the Knicks` postseason ? Like I said originally , overrated ! They now haven`t got a pot to p@#s in and a window to throw it out of ! LOL, LOL , LOL !!!! And now we will continue to ear excuses all round from the players and the fans for the team`s all too clear flaws . ! Even the local print media in NYC are and have now began lambasting the team, and deservedly so .


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