9 comments on “Lately, MLB umpires are looking more like ‘Replacement Refs…’

  1. And MLB executive Joe Torre is meeting with these umpires to offer them seeing eye dogs or to severely reprimand them ? The MLB hierarchy is a goddam joke at every level .

    And why are the Cubs spending $500 million upgrade Wrigley Field , instead of spending that a money on improving and upgrading their roster ? These are meant to be the new influx of ideas and initiatives that Theo Espstein is bringing to the organization or simply making them what we already know them to be over the last decade , absolute crap ! The Cubs are simply and have been simply pitiful and absolutely nothing is about to change anytime soon .

    Tophatal …………………..


      • Accountability from the MLB hierarchy M ? Are you kidding ? Baseball had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this millennium and decade , to even go with having a steroid policy . Why is the game so against the use of modern technology ?

        How `bout them Knicks ? Did `melo really have temerity to suggest in his post-game interview , that the Pacers didn`t do enough . to win the game ? Perhaps he failed to look at at the scoreboard , at the end of 48 minutes ?

        Topatal ……….

        MLB is not afraid of using modern technology. The umpires in the faux home run game all went in to see the replay and STILL called it a double!
        And in the second game on Thursday in the article, no technology was required. They just allowed an illegal pitching change.

        As for the Knicks, why is it Al that I only hear from you following a Knick loss? Why didn’t you chime in after Game 2 when the Knicks went on a 30-2 run and blew the Pacers out of the building? Or even after they won the first round vs the Celtics?


  2. This rash of bad calls just further makes people have a distrust of authority even more. Sometimes I wonder if the WWE has it right. At least they don’t try to act like their product is real. You know it is staged and the refs are part of the act. MLB, NFL, NBA try to act as if they are above everything when sadly they are not.


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