12 comments on “The Knicks need to stop the nonsense and use their ‘Sixth’ sense!

  1. The Knicks aren’t really known as a tough, hard-nosed team so they shouldn’t try to be. If they continue to try an mix it up and fight, then they are just playing into the Celtics hands. The Knicks can still win it, but they can’t beat the Celtics at their own game.


      • You know what was also stupid , was the insensitivity shown by the Knicks` players dressed in black in some sort of idiotic show of strength , said to have been thought up by butthead , K Mart , for the players to dress in black, to show their unison and allegedly done to show the Celtics that they were ready to close out the series . What was it that the boneheads on the roster failed to understand in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy ? Anal retentive idiots much like their totally obnoxious fans .

        Tophatal …………


  2. I couldn’t have said it any better Maurice! They seem to have a propensity towards finding trouble and getting way too pompous. That bit with them wearing black last night just gives the Celtics something else to slap on their locker room doors…
    Thanks for checking in!


  3. The Smith elbow reminds me of when John Starks ran down court and head butted Reggie Miller… I think the Knicks will close out the Celtics. This was one final roar before the lion went to sleep


      • law of attraction what else can it be? lol The knicks a better than the C’s and Melo who has had a bad series will relax and let the game come to him and JR Smith will be …JR Smith and the Knicks will escape with a win.


  4. For all the talk about how the western conference was THE conference…. I kinda like what the East has going on. The Knicks have a shot (literally), the Bulls are like Rocky Balboa, the Nets are from Brooklyn (which is never a bad thing), the Pacers are the last non-star team standing now that the Nuggets were sent home…..and the Heat have already been crowned, even though they’re still 12 wins shy of the finish line. I’m hoping for a Knicks vs Heat conference finals.


    • Would LOVE a Heat vs Knicks finals! I know the regular season doesn’t count for much but we did beat the Heat three times so one would think that we wouldn’t be intimidated by them. Also, have you seen the defense the Knicks CAN play when they want to?
      First however, we’ll need to beat Indiana who has had the Knicks’ number this season..


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